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Запись Next level playing (Paul Davids)

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Next level playing (Paul Davids)

Курс от одного из лучших(или лучшего) гитарных youtube блогеров - Paul Davids. Профессиональный гитарист, выпускник роттердамской консерватории и автор отличного youtube канала по электро- и акустической гитаре. Как он сам описывает свой курс:
Кура на Английском
Программа курса:
In Level 1, you’ll learn:
  • Ways to find notes quickly, anywhere on the fretboard
  • Better barre chord technique
  • What chord progressions mean and how to work out which chords to play
  • How to play major and minor chords everywhere on the neck
  • The major scale and how we use it in improvisation
In Level 2, we’ll be looking at:
  • How knowing one simple scale (the pentatonic) can be enough to play great solos
  • Improving your bending technique and making it sound better
  • Why triads are important, and different ways to play them
  • Adding licks to your playing whenever and wherever
  • How to play a solo and improvise in a minor blues
In Level 3, you’ll learn:
  • How 7th chords can spice up your chord progressions
  • How the neck is constructed by shifting licks up and down the neck
  • How to transpose a chord progression into a different key
  • Increasing your speed and accuracy across the fretboard with the pentatonic scale
  • The Aeolian mode: the minor scale
In Level 4, we’ll cover:
  • Becoming a faster, more versatile player with “3 notes per string” scales
  • How to give chords a “solo” feel by adding embellishments
  • Creating a unique sound by learning how to use the harmonic minor scale
  • Incorporating triads and voice leading into your playing
  • Learning a cool solo that uses the harmonic minor scale and coming up with your own version
In Level 5, I’ll show you:
  • One of the biggest secrets to my playing: how I keep in time
  • Fretting techniques you can use to give your chords a new sound
  • How to use Dorian mode, which you hear a lot in blues, funk, and pop
  • My picking technique, and different positions for arpeggios
  • How to give your chords a fresh sound using hammer-ons and pull-offs
In Level 6, you’ll learn:
  • How to play chords like Hendrix, Frusciante, and Mayer
  • How the CAGED system can help you navigate the fretboard
  • Breaking out of that pentatonics box by playing “diagonally”
  • What target notes are, and how they can make your solos stand out
  • A great solo in a 6/8 time signature combining many skills we’ve learned
In Level 7, I’ll show you:
  • A great option for playing lead over 7th chords (it's the “Mixolydian mode”)
  • How to play extended chords (with the 9th, 11th, and 13th intervals)
  • How to nail 12-bar blues rhythm and solos
  • How to play blues shuffles and blues rhythm guitar
  • How to mix your techniques and keep your solos interesting
  • Bonus #1: Ear Training 101
  • Bonus #2: Improvisation Tutorial
  • Bonus #3: Next Level Playing Community Facebook Group
  • Bonus #4: Level-by-Level Q&A Videos
  • And extras like lesson PDFs with tabs and standard notation, downloadable backing tracks, chord charts, a music glossary, and a printable workbook for each level
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